Lapis Gunner English Version

Lapis Gunner sets out to rescue Ruby Striker from the claws of evil, but gets caught herself instead.
Sacrificed to a joyfully wriggling horde of tentacles, Lapis Gunner’s reason begins to crumble.
And then, before the girl at her limit, Ruby Striker appears, but…

The long awaited new tentacle rape game presented by the duo of ’jacky’ (CG) and ’assault’ (scenario)!

Lapis Gunner English Versionサンプル画像1枚目Lapis Gunner English Versionサンプル画像2枚目Lapis Gunner English Versionサンプル画像3枚目Lapis Gunner English Versionサンプル画像4枚目Lapis Gunner English Versionサンプル画像5枚目
2017-03-03 | Posted in 美少女ゲーム